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ineyards have always been part of Orleans landscape and its banks of Loire. In Chécy, a fresh and pleasant wine is produced from the soil of siliceous pebbles and quartz sands. But, year after year, the vineyard area had been gradually shrinking to the point that the total disappearance of the Chécy's vine was looming. In 1995, the Town Council met with a small group of residents determined to do everything to preserve their local heritage. They decided to join forces and took over the Guy Creusillet‘s Vineyards…
C.A.V.E. - Chécy, les amis de la vigne - was born November 22, 1997 endowed with the sacred mission:
  • to continue the cultivation of vines, like so many dedicated winegrowers
  • to initiate the residents of Chécy into the craft
  • to preserve and pass on our ancestral knowledge in this field
    … particularly among schoolchildren
  • to maintain the traditions with due respect to the environment
  • to enjoy drinking good red wine at a reasonable price
  • and by so doing, preserve the vine-growing heritage of Chécy
Presently, about 3 hectares of vineyards are managed by our Association, west of Chécy. Each member being responsible for one or more rows of vines.
The work is carried out manually by each of us, from the first cutting in January until harvest in September-October. The grapes are then entrusted to the cooperative of Mareau-aux-Prés for wine-making in a separate vat: Chécy wine coming exclusively from Chécy vineyards.
The wine from Chécy is labeled under "AOC Orleans" (Appellation of verified origin). It's a blend of Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier (two varieties of grapes) and better known locally under the name of "Gris Meunier" (the miller's grey and not the tipsy miller!)
It is marketed by our association at every major festival held in Chécy and surrounding towns.
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