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Châteaux Bordeaux - Vol. 2

As a second volume of a Dallas-type story taking place in Medoc country where Red as a colour may not always refer to hue of the wine… here is: Châteaux Bordeaux - The Oenologist.
Following the death of their father, Charles and François Baudricourt have given consent for their sister Alexandra to recover ownership of the family property in Médoc. But this decision is far from agreeing to François's wife, who sees this just as a way of losing part of the money the sale of the domain might have brought.
For her part, Alexandra has to delve into history of the exploitation and get more acquainted with wine culture through the wise advice of a great oenologist. He will let her discover the cult of wine and even allow her to exhume a surprising ancestral product corresponding to her personality…
After a first part that sets the enthusiastic tone of the venture, Eric Corbeyran unveils the sequels, the ups and downs which, to be admitted, do not much spare the intrepid heroine.
But this volume gives mainly the opportunity of a meeting with - as suggested by the subtitle - a world-famous wine specialist: Michel Rolland. With this outstanding character - a real person, on whom had relied the writer - the reader is entitled to high level evocations marked with remarkable sensitivity, didacticism, poetry and above all erudition. In fact, we enjoy "drinking in" his words, and appreciate his mature sense of tasting, of analyze of real vintages all as proofs of an overflowing love the noble matter called: Wine.
As for Espé, he moves within a graphic pattern. If his characters are well depicted, the sets are, in turn, showing a great authenticity. Interior areas, cellars… even the wine tasting sessions are superbly represented via subtly chosen sequences in large clear and explicit plans.
A very good second part to drink until you drop!
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