Chécy, Friends of the vine (Translation in progress)

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Comic of the week

Here is something new about Comic-strips!
A cartoon which combines documentary with storytelling to allow us a rewarding view about Wine growing and Comic-strips worlds; the author speaks and let us discover two worlds at once so close and so far away.
By a beautiful winter weather, two characters, caps on their heads, secateurs in hand, are pruning vines. One of them appears to be selfconfident in speech and gesture. The other, rather awkward looking, watches his companion, trying to understand "what sort of link may bind him to his vineyard" and wonders about "the singular fusion of a man and a windswept piece of rocky land". The first character is a winemaker, and the second, a comic book writer. On the one hand, we have a winemaker who knows nothing of cartoon affairs and on the other, a comic-book writer who knows nothing about vineyards and wine making… In fact: two ignorant blokes ! Thus, it's a training in common of two manufacturing processes we are following throughout the told story.
For a year, Etienne Davodeau was able to "enjoy the pleasures" of vine pruning, ploughing, cooperage or still ponder over biodynamic mysteries. Meanwhile, Richard Leroy could read some - duly selected by Etienne - comics, or meet authors, visit festivals, go to a printer's and lean over Etienne's drawing board… The two men are shown sharing their respective knowledge and expertise, highlighting the points these practices (i.e artistic and wine growing) may have in common, and those are more numerous than one might at first consider…
The result is pleasant and friendly, the whole was written and designed by Étienne Davodeau, a figure in social and documentary cartoons. A pleasant moment is spent by its reading, and learning a few tricks, even if a little more depth on the craft of winemaking would have been welcome, especially about wine itself.
A work to be put freely in hands of novices and initiates, and certainly, not to be by passed over!
We sell our wines at Chécy, March, 23rd on the marché étendu de mars…              and in the centre bourg, March, 23rd on the marché aux fleurs et aux plantes
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