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Comic of the week
In vino veritas - Toscane (vol 1)

Would the world of wine be on the way to become the new cornucopia of comic-strip themes?
In the wake of "Châteaux Bordeaux" family saga, this week, we have "In Vino Veritas", a cartoon published in September 2013 and signed by the same text author, Eric Corbeyran, with Luca Malisan as illustrator.
Tessa and Lionello are children of wine-maker parents both now dead… During childhood, they were very closed to each other, but becoming adults, Tessa had oriented the activity towards production of organic wine in opposition to her brother who chose to develop the estate for sake of productivity and profitability.
These differences of opinion have reached such a level that they have not been on speaking terms for years. But Ortensia, the grandmother who had raised them, has reserved in her will a challenge: they shall inherit the olive grove in which they grew only on provision that they succeed to make peace by way of a jointly produced vintage.
With "In Vino Veritas", Corbeyran inaugurates a new saga about wine, after "Chateaux Bordeaux" of which some characters reappear in the stunning panoramas of Italian vineyards.
The scenario is a little awkward: not only slow and lacking rhythm but chiefly marked by a rehash aftertaste of productivity and profitability… exactly the same themes as used for "Châteaux Bordeaux". Moreover, the scenarios are a too similar looking, all of this bordering on ridicule.
As for the drawings they are net, precise and superbly coloured. As expected, Tuscany is beautiful and so are reproductions of Florence.
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