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The Loire valley

he val de Loire extends from the Atlantic coast to Burgundy, with a portion between Chalonnes sur Loire and Sully sur Loire recorded as Unesco World Heritage. It‘s a line of balance between South and North, sweetness and freshness, arts and literature, tradition and modernity.
From these subtle and harmonious blend, favored by a mild climate, magnificent countryside and soils, was born the widest variety of wines.
Currently in France, the Val de Loire is:
  • the 3rd vineyard of controlled Appellation
  • the 1st producer of white wine
  • the 2nd region of sparkling wines after Champagne
  • the 2nd largest producer of rosé
  • 69 names of controlled Appellation
  • 7,000 winegrowers and related traders
  • 52,000 ha (130,000 acres) of vineyards
  • an area which extends over 14 districts
  • 2,900,000 hl of wine of AOC produced yearly
  • 73 million bottles exported
  • 13 bottles sold every second in the world
In 4 households out of 10 people enjoy drinkink regulerly wines from Loire - just as, incidentallly.
I'm at right now - but let's carry on with the inventory!
With its 1,000 kilometres of vineyards bordering the river Loire from the Massif Central to south of Brittany, the Val de Loire is the longest Road of Vineyards of France. Numerous signposts on the way ‘ll invite you to discover an exceptional heritage along the the Royal River, dotted with chateaux and landscapes of the greatest variety.
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